Welcome to the Funhouse.

Web Developer, Graphic Designer & Artist based in Columbia, MD

Website Design

CMS web design & development for small to large organizations

Graphic Design

Logos, t-shirts, signs, packaging, email campaigns, presentations, etc.

Art & Illustration

An artist at my core, I also paint. Oil and digital are my favorite mediums.

Portrait Collection

The Powhatan People, Past & Present
On August 1, I'll release a collection of portraits celebrating the legacy of the Powhatan tribes. Until then, you can view other works on my blog.

Hi. I'm Clary.

My work includes CMS website design and development, Javascript, PHP, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and, of course, Adobe Creative Suite.

An artist at my core, I also paint.

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+1 443 745 4855

Hours of Operation

Sun: 10 am - 5 pm
Mon—Thurs: 7 am - 5 pm
Fri—Sat: Closed

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