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Excellent PR begins with research and planning to create strategies that will keep your brand visible in the best possible light. Reputation management (crisis communication planning) is an integral part of this framework, and ensures the public views your organization through rose-colored lenses throughout your campaign. Now based outside the Baltimore/Washington D.C. corridor, I've helped regional and national organizations secure top placement online and in broadcast media with clients in the US and UK. Call me for a free initial consultation or fill out the contact form and I'll get back to you within 24 hours. Looking forward to it!
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Addressing the Bathroom Bills: A Little Humor Goes a Long Way

Bathroom Bills

Newsflash: I'm originally from North Carolina and H2B—also known as the "Bathroom Bill"—wasn't even about public restrooms in the first place. In a cunning, underhand move, lawmakers slipped that part in to discourage voters from favoring the bill, which was really against raising minimum wage.

Trans and gender non-conforming patrons have been using the bathrooms of their choice since the beginning of time, and nobody noticed until this bill became a hot topic. Not only did H2B harm North Carolina's economy by preventing cities and counties from raising minimum wage (which, in case you're curious, remains at a disturbingly meek $7.25 per hour), the law also hurt the tourism industry with many famous artists canceling performances statewide.

In response, a lot of small businesses took a stand in a simple way: by replacing their boring bathroom signs with funnier ones that told customers they could use whichever bathroom they wanted ... as long as they washed their hands.

Writing a Killer Press Release

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Times have changed for PR. Technology influenced this shift, which has been gradual until recently. At the center of more rapid change is none other than Donald Trump.

Like him or hate him, POTUS has gone where no president has ever gone before: he communicates directly with his audience and manages his own social media accounts. This drives some journalists crazy and some might believe the new way of engaging almost exclusively through social media will eventually kill journalism.

Not to worry. Journalism will likely become more important than ever. Here's why: fact-checking, fact-checking and more fact-checking.

Today, people rely on brands' online presence for information but they depend on good, old-fashioned journalism for truth. Sure, the media is changing but if anything, the savviest consumers are truth-seekers.

This is why it's critical to foster an maintain ongoing relationships with the media: journalists, reporters, editors, producers, you name it. And press releases are an integral part of your brand's ability to share its story through a credible mouthpiece.

Have press releases changed?

In a word, no. I just read "The New Rules of Marketing & PR" by David Merman Scott. The version I read was the book's fourth edition (2013) so it's somewhat outdated but not for the purpose of this topic.

Scott devoted an entire chapter to press release writing, and admitted that industry professionals have criticized his philosophy to write directly to the consumer and take advantage of online platforms to disseminate press releases as well as sending them to journalists.

I tend to agree with the critics. Any discerning audience knows the value of reporting and understands the difference between a feature in an established news source—whether online, on television or in print—versus a puff piece submitted to a pr website.

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Millennial-Focused Campaigns

Contrary to what many believe, Millennials aren't an elusive group. In fact, we're pretty simple: we just have different values than the most recent generations before us. Our priorities have shifted. Mass media and technology have shaped who we are.

Some argue that Millennials have driven the changes in marketing but that can't be true as we merely adapted to the changes we saw growing up. In other words, Millennials aren't the diagnosis, we're the symptom.

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Reaching Customers in the Digital Age: A Checklist

Today more than ever, customers use the internet for everything from shopping to learning about your brand. That's why it's critical to be customer-focused and know how to manage your organization's online reputation. Most companies need a stellar website with excellent content, as well as high impact social media campaigns to thrive in today's market. 

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