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Addressing the Bathroom Bills: A Little Humor Goes a Long Way

Bathroom Bills

Newsflash: I'm originally from North Carolina and H2B—also known as the "Bathroom Bill"—wasn't even about public restrooms in the first place. In a cunning, underhand move, lawmakers slipped that part in to discourage voters from favoring the bill, which was really against raising minimum wage.

Trans and gender non-conforming patrons have been using the bathrooms of their choice since the beginning of time, and nobody noticed until this bill became a hot topic. Not only did H2B harm North Carolina's economy by preventing cities and counties from raising minimum wage (which, in case you're curious, remains at a disturbingly meek $7.25 per hour), the law also hurt the tourism industry with many famous artists canceling performances statewide.

In response, a lot of small businesses took a stand in a simple way: by replacing their boring bathroom signs with funnier ones that told customers they could use whichever bathroom they wanted ... as long as they washed their hands.

Try the Worst Meatball Sandwich Ed on Yelp has Ever Had

Try the worst sandwich according to ed on yelp

It's no secret that customer service is the cornerstone of PR for small businesses. So what do you do when you have a negative review online? This sandwich shop handled a bad Yelp review masterfully, creating a viral image that inspired other businesses to do the same.