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May 1, 2018
columbia md fitness instructor

Kim Doggette Fitness

Logo Design & Joomla! CMS Web Development

Designed the logo and built a responsive CMS website which allows the client to add and update content with ease without logging in to the back end. This website was built on the Joomla! CMS with a custom app I built in to allow for flexibility with blogging, tagging and displaying comments so that the client can engage with visitors.

December 4, 2017
huffington post article

Senior Planning Services in Huffington Post

We lift the burden off the shoulders of [senior citizens] ... to ensure that our clients gets the help that they need and can relax knowing that their financial future is secure.

american judaica

American Judaica

Enterprise-Level E-Commerce Website

Designed, built and manage the first "Etsy-like" Judaica website where artists manage their online shops and sell from their own collections.

This website also features several of my graphic design merchandise, including the Ugly Hanukkah Sweater Dress and Seinfeld/Costanza 2020 Presidential Campaign T-Shirt.

Designed the Victorian Honeybee Rosh Hashanah Cards Featured in Kveller Magazine

Victorian Honeybee Rosh Hashanah Cards


NATO Intelligence Fusion Centre

Built a responsive CMS website for NATO employees to interface and share information about their countries and culture. This website included an online cookbook which allowed users to share recipes from their countries of origin.

American Cancer Society

The American Cancer Society is one of my favorite non-profits. I produced this fundraising video to raise money for Relay for Life when I chaired the inaugural ACS gala in Asheville, North Carolina.

US Botanical Safety Laboratory

Organic SEO Case Study

Created content and attained top placement on Google (#1) for all relevant search terms and phrases.