Services & Fees

CMS Web Design

The best websites load quickly, are easy to navigate and are responsive (meaning they function properly across all devices). Additionally, a well—constructed website allows for easy content creation with enhanced SEO (search engine optimization) capabilities.

Content Management System (CMS) platforms are a top choice for most organizations, from small businesses to very large corporations. I have nine years of experience with the most highly rated CMS platforms and have built websites for many well-known companies as well as small businesses.

CMS web design services start at $2,000 and includes training to ensure that the user is comfortable adding, editing and removing content. Contact me to schedule a complementary initial consultation so I can get a clear picture of what you need, create a recommendation for your website and provide you with a fee estimate.

Graphic Design

Graphic design services include logos, t-shirts, packaging/promotional design and animation. Fees vary and depend on everything from an organization's 501(c)(3) status to my ability to take a commission on sales. Contact me to schedule a consultation so that you can provide me with adequate information to create an estimate for your project.

Illustration & Fine Art

Fine art services range from portraits and landscapes to installations. Like graphic design, pricing for illustration and fine art projects depend greatly on artistic vision and scope of work. Artistic mediums, supplies and materials also influence price. Illustration for well-known authors is billed with an advance and commission on book sales.